How To Make Your Man Get Going? Know His Top 4 Sensitive Spots?

Have you discover yourself lost when it is about playing the seduction game? Well, making your man happy isn’t really a rocket science, particularly when you know about their hot spots. Use this guide to explore other parts of her body that will drive him crazy.

Neck: Neck is a really sensitive area that has numerous nerve endings and sudden touch can offer him an immediate shiver. Get him going by gently kissing around his neck.

Ear: It is really incredible how a simple whisper in his ear can get your man going. Whisper something dirty in his ear and see him begging you for more.

Feet: Offering a foot massage to your man will not just turn him on but will also display how much you care regarding him. In fact foot massages are a wonderful balance of romantic and erotic.

Face: Have you ever seen in films how a man gets all wild when a woman strokes his face lightly with her fingers? Most of the guys turned on by the slightest of touch on their face.